Having the ability to express yourself is one of the best feelings in the world. Monday night, during the Osceola County Fair, ten young creative 4-H Youth members were able to show off their skills on the runway at the 4-H Youth Fashion Review.

Karen Kirkendall has been organizing and leading the 4-H Youth Fashion Review for many years. The age of the 4-H Youth group ranges from 8 years old to 18 years old and members are encouraged to participate in just the Fashion Review but all of the events 4-H has to offer.

This Fashion Review allows members to construct their own personal garment that they made themselves. There are 3 classes for each category, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior. The two categories are Construction (creating the piece of clothing by sewing) and Selection (putting together an outfit that contestant bought or pulled from their personal closet).

4H Winners“I enjoy being a part of this event because I’m able to express myself by sewing and that you can make anything that you want to show your personality.” – Miranda Kinkendall, 4-H Fashion Review Contestant

These 4-H Youth members were also judged on their modeling and a Novice Award was given to the contestant who is a 1st or 2nd year sewer, earning the highest score at the end of the competition.

Here is a list of the winners in their categories:

Junior Construction:
Shelby Lauler – won 1st place and Novice Award (1st or 2nd year sewer)

Intermediate Construction:
Miranda Kirkendall – 2nd place

Senior Construction:
Isaac Gregory – 1st place

Junior Selection:
Shelby Lauler – 1st place
Brody McDonald – 2nd place and Jr. Best Model

Intermediate Selection:
Kody Lassabe – 2nd place
Miranda Kirkendall – 1st place
James Kuhlman – 3rd place and Best Model

Senior Selection:
Isaac Gregory – 3rd place
Ibis Mattson – 2nd place
Ashely McKinney – 3rd place and Best Model
Julianna Diaz – 1st place and Best Model

Congratulations to all of the contestant and thank you for encouraging others to get involved with this wonderful organization.