A man was arrested Tuesday after crashing into the back of an SUV on John Young Parkway in Kissimmee and then driving away, causing the northbound lanes of John Young Parkway to remain closed for much of the morning, according to the Florida Troopers.

The crash took place around 5:40 a.m. on John Young Parkway near The Oaks Boulevard when 50-year-old Armando Juarez from Poinciana was driving a Hummer H2 north on John Young then failed to stop for traffic and struck the rear of a Toyota RAV4, causing the Toyota to hit the back of a Nissan Rogue.

The driver of the SUV then made a U-turn and drove away until he was seen by an Osceola County deputy, who then pulled him over, according to FHP.

The 54-year-old Kissimmee woman driving the Toyota that was rear-ended had serious injuries, while the driver of the Nissan, a 67-year-old Poinciana woman, sustained minor injuries.

Florida Highway Patrol arrested Juarez for failing to stop or remain at a crash involving serious injuries, which is a felony hit and run, and also cited for careless driving.

The crash remains under investigation.

A message from Florida Highway Patrol:

Leaving the scene of a crash that results in property damage, injury, or death is against the law. The Florida Highway Patrol is reminding Floridians about the consequences of leaving the scene of a crash and the challenges law enforcement face when investigating a hit-and-run crash. If involved in a crash, stay at the scene, call for help, and follow these steps:

    1. Make sure you and any passengers are okay. Remain calm.
    2. If possible, move to the side of the road. Remove your keys if you get out of your vehicle, move off the roadway, and stay in a safe area.
    3. Check on others involved. Call 911 if anyone might be injured or a vehicle is inoperable.
    4. If there are no injuries or major property damage, gather information. Get the name, driver license, insurance and tag information from the other driver(s). Take photos of the vehicles and information if you can’t write it down and then file a report online.
    5. Most importantly, always stay at the scene. Leaving the scene of a crash will only make matters worse. Staying at the scene will not only spare a driver significant legal penalties, but it may save a life.