With everything filling our minds, TV screens and social media feeds right now, some water park therapy on a hot June day was a great diversion Friday.

It was the second day Aquatica Orlando was re-opened, and plenty of people took it as a safe sign Friday to partake in some chlorinated fun, even if it meant putting on a mask from the parking lot to a locker or beach chair and staying that more-than-arms length away from other groups.

Aquatica mandates the masks walking into the parks and in retail and food areas, but forbids them on the rides, although some wore scarves in the lines and pulled them down once on the rides. Patrons, in general, do what they can to give others space.

As for the rides, some slides aren’t employing all tubes yet, and Omaka Rocka, the dueling Taumata Racer slides and kids’ area Walkabout Waters were closed Friday. On closed-tube rides like Walhalla Wave and Ray Rush, the tubes are sanitized after each use. The wave pools and kiddie areas are on 30 percent capacity.

Hand sanitizer can be found at the beginning and end of every ride line, and the familiar 6-foot markings are in every line. When “human nature” takes over and lines bunch up, employees are on site to offer a reminder. So spaced-out lines looked longer than they were.

In short, Aquatica is as safe and clean as it’s going to be.

The park will be open through June and July from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed on Mondays and Wednesdays for deep cleaning.