Every year, Osceola County sends handfuls of athletes on to the next level as recipients of college scholarships. Signing ceremonies with athletes, coaches, families and friends happen on a weekly basis through the late winter and spring.

While the coronavirus couldn’t stop the players from moving on, it did stop the ceremonies, since we couldn’t leave the house, and still can’t gather in large groups.
A large group of Celebration High athletes — 14 in total — got the grant, but didn’t get the chance to share the moment. Thanks to some maneuvering and better-late-than-never scheduling by Storm Athletic Director Rick Tribit, those athletes got their moment on Wednesday.
It took two table setups and over two hours, but the college-bound athletes were able to get their photos taken with family; coaches were not able to participate due to school district policy regarding COVID-19.
“It’s not ideal, but it does honor these kids’ accomplishments, which is what it’s all about,” Tribit said, noting that several other CHS athletes may sign over the summer. “We are all so heartbroken for all of them that missed out on so many defining moments of the senior year experience due to the COVID-19 outbreak. What I would like to do is offer at least one of those moments back — the opportunity to have signing day at CHS.”
Here is the list of Celebration’s signees — thus far. To see the photos of all the signees, go to the Storm Athletic Department Twitter account.
Here are this year’s Storm signees:
Marquese Carter, Iowa Wesleyan, Football and Wrestling
Will Bohn, Coffeyville College, Football
Leroy Smith, Norwich University, Football
Zoie Zelmanski, Adrian College, Hockey and Lacrosse
Charly Vargas Bello, Florida College, Soccer
Mariana Mattozinho, Polk State, Volleyball
Jack Pflugner, Queens College, Volleyball
Imanol Davila-Morales, Warner University, Volleyball
Jan Carlos Nunez, Thomas Moore University, Volleyball
Dariel Morris, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Volleyball
Kaeden Kalstek, Castleton University, Track/Field
Mike Kitnurse, Manchester College, Football
Isabella Vega Cortez, Trinity International of Chicago, Volleyball (pictured)
Vivian Spencer, Cornell University, Lacrosse (signed in February)