From the first day that Creative Inspiration Journey School opened its doors in the Fall of 2019, it was easy to see that it wasn’t going to be just another tuition free public charter school, it was focused on creating an environment of learning for its students unlike any other school in the St. Cloud and Osceola communities.

CIJS uses the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, which allows children to direct their own learning process according to their needs, and in a less-structured environment. This gives the students a apportunity to grow at their own pace, both as individuals – and community members.

What are the results of this approach? Students excel in their learning, their motivation, their creativity, their understanding of community, and –  their test results. And, the families of students are seeing it – and spreading the word.

CIJS’ consistent success has brought growth in its student numbers, and in the need for more space in its facility. CIJS is currently involved in a building expansion, scheduled to be completed prior to the start of the 2023 school year, which will allow CIJS to increase the amount of students it can accept.

Here’s some great news… CIJS does have some open availability for the 2022, 2023 school year, but don’t wait… those openings are expected to fill up quickly.

To enroll to CIJS, simply go to and click on the Apply Today button. Looking for a tour? Click on the Schedule a visit button.