This summer, escape the scorching Central Florida heat and embark on a wild adventure at Wild Florida‘s Drive-thru Safari Park. Stay cool and comfortable inside your own vehicle as you explore more than 150 native and exotic animals roaming freely across 170 acres of untouched scenic landscapes.

During your journey, you’ll have the unique opportunity to observe a variety of animals from around the world. From the African savanna to the deciduous forests of North America, you can enjoy identifying species from the comfort of your car. (*Please note that your vehicle must have a top, and vehicles like convertibles or motorcycles are not allowed through the Drive-thru Safari.)

Wild Florida’s safari park presents an extraordinary chance to get up close and personal with wild animals such as giraffes, zebras, eland antelope, scimitar oryx, American bison, mouflon sheep, and more! As you travel down the four-mile “unbeaten path,” you’ll be just feet away from animals you usually only see on TV.

Fun Beyond the Drive-thru Safari

The excitement doesn’t end with the safari. Elevate your adventure by meeting the tallest residents in Central Florida at our Giraffe Feeding Platform. For just $5, you can interact with and feed these gentle giants—don’t forget to capture the moment for your next best profile picture!

After enjoying your drive-through experience, stretch your legs inside Wild Florida’s Gator Park. Admission to the Gator Park is included with your Drive-thru Safari Park tickets, allowing your family to view more than 200 additional animals and enjoy a variety of educational animal shows.

Conveniently located just a short drive from Orlando’s major attractions, Wild Florida’s Drive-thru Safari Park offers stunning views of Florida’s natural beauty. It’s the perfect family-friendly activity for animal lovers of all ages.

Ready to start your adventure? Get your tickets to Wild Florida’s Safari Park, airboat rides, and Gator Park. Don’t forget to check out Wild Florida’s Animal Encounters and Adventure Package Bundles for an unforgettable experience!

The gates to the drive-thru safari open at 9 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. with the last car allowed in at 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

You can start your booking process by clicking here, or you can purchase your drive through safari tickets over the phone by calling 407-957-3135. Wild Florida is available to make reservations Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can also email to coordinate your Wild Florida adventure.