Despite the challenges we hear everyday in reference to our Central Florida Theme Parks, three rhinoceroses in Disney World Resort theme park’s herd are pregnant. Kendi, the first rhino born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 1999, is expected to deliver a calf in October.

The three pregnant rhinos are Kendi, due in October; Jao, due in fall of 2021; and Lola, due late fall to early winter 2021. The gestation periods of rhinos are 16-18 months long., and Rhino calves typically weigh from 88 to 140 pounds after birth and can stand up one hour after they are born.

Two other rhinos are expected to give birth in late 2021. All three rhinos were chosen to breed through Species Survival Plans, which are overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to ensure the responsible breeding of endangered species.

Ten rhinos have been born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom since the park opened in 1998.