Reading is arguably the most important skill a student needs to succeed in school, yet learning to read is not simple. Parents must be aware of the signs that their children are struggling and take early action if they see them. 

During Huntington Learning Center’s Free Webinar today, Thursday, September 23rd at 1 pm, their education expert will discuss subjects like:

*Signs of reading struggle
*Tips and strategies to help your child build reading basics
*How to support your child as a reader
*What phonemic awareness is and why it’s an important part of reading instruction

*Reading milestones your younger reader should acquire throughout elementary school
*How Huntington can help students improve reading/become strong readers
* And any questions that might come up during the Q&A

Register today– and ensure that your student’s reading is on – or above grade level. Just go to, click on Resources on the top menu, then drop down to webinars and click to register.