Paying back St. Cloud for handing them a big loss in last year’s District Championship in flag football, Coach Paul Strauch’s Harmony High School Lady Longhorns defeated the St. Cloud High School Lady Bulldogs in a 26-0 one sided affair that was ended by lightening on Tuesday night.
The Longhorns, coming off a big offensive 39-0 win over Celebration last week, kept the pressure on St. Cloud all evening on both sides of the ball and proved to be too much for the Bulldog defense.

From toe tapping touchdowns to the corner of the end zone, to gritty interceptions, the Longhorns brought their “A” game on St. Cloud’s home field. The Longhorns move to 8-1, undefeated in OBC play, while the Bulldogs, who as the 2021 OBC Champion, made it as far as the FHSAA Regional Semifinals in 2021, drop to 4-3. District tournaments will take place April 25-29. #OsceolaSports