Tests can be intimidating and stressful for middle school and high school students. Whether they are regular exams, mid-terms or finals, or important standardized tests, a lot is riding on students’ performance.

During Huntington Learning Center’s next FREE webinar session, their education expert will share tips on how students can study and prepare for tests, boost their confidence, and decrease their stress. 

They’ll also offer suggestions for parents on how-to guide and support their students.

The webinar will cover:

  • Why tests are important
  • Tips for students on how to study effectively
  • Tips for students on the importance of keeping up in school (and how this impacts test prep)
  • How Huntington can help this school year

…and any questions you might have that come up during the webinar
To register for Huntington Learning Center’s go to HuntingtonHelps.com, then look for the resources link, and then click on Webinars.