Twitter has been talking about a possible acquisition with Clubhouse, the live drop-in audio networking platform, and the dollars that are also being spoken about… $4 billion, according to a report from Bloomberg.

For those who are into Clubhouse, Twitter currently has something similar to Clubhouse — Spaces, a drop-in audio chatroom feature that it has been rolling out gradually, as most social platforms do to ensure a solid and safe release, to its user base over the past few months. At the same time, Clubhouse has been omniscience’s monetizing its platform via its Clubhouse Payments. With Clubhouse payments users can send direct payments to others on the platform if the person has enabled the feature.

This actually isn’t a moneymaker at all for Clubhouse as the sending user doesn’t pay anything and the person on the receiving end gets almost 100% of the funds sent to them, minus a small cut that goes to Stripe, the provider of Clubhouse has chosen to set up the payment feature.

Clubhouse’s has skyrocketed -there’s no doubt, but it’s duplicated by numerous other social platforms, like Twitter’s Spaces, so only the future will show us whether it is going to end up like Snapchat did, fighting off other “versions” of itself – like when Instagram Stories started pummeling Snap with very similar features.

So, we’ll keep an eye on what Twitter and Clubhouse may, and may not, be up to. Whatever the outcome, social channels change strategies faster than their users can keep up.