The Valencian Apartments, formerly known as the Dorado Apartments, on West Donegan Avenue in Kissimmee once again experienced a fire in one of its buildings Friday.

Only a few days earlier more than 12 people were displaced by a fire that took place in one of its other buildings, and destroyed eight apartment units. In October of 2017, a nearby building at the apartment complex also caught fire.

Early Friday afternoon, Kissimmee fire department was once again called to the Valencian Apartments when smoke and fire was reported coming from apartment 1522. Two women reported needing help after inhaling smoke from the fire. Kissimmee fire crews quickly contained the fire which only damaged a single apartment, but this being the third fire in six months, two in one week, there is great concern by the renters and community leaders over the safety condition of the apartment complex as a whole.

This is certainly not a closed issue, and Positively Osceola will be reaching out to the Kissimmee Fire Department for more comments on what is being done so that residents can once again feel safe living at the Valencian Apartments in Kissimmee.