Osceola Arts, whose mission is to promote, cultivate, and foster interest and participation in the arts continues its emphasis on “Art in Public Places” at Veterans Memorial St. Cloud Library with its presenting of Spirit Animal, Works by Britny Fernandes. Kissimmee artist Britney Fernandes comes from a Cape Verdean background.

Her interactive mixed media African-themed Spirit Animal artworks are created with raw materials from nature and draw upon fictional tribal characters with a human-animal connection. Fernandes draws inspiration from everyday life experiences. She believes that art is not always about what you are feeling but more about what you see and learn throughout your lifetime and how you perceive it. Fernandes graduated with a BFA, Bachelors of Fine Art at Missouri Valley College.

Her work has been displayed in a pop-up gallery in Marshall, Missouri, The Vernon Nestor gallery at Missouri Valley College, and has had an exhibition at The Griot Museum of Black History, and The Museum of Art and Archaeology at The University of Missouri. Spirit Animal will be on display at the Veterans Memorial St. Cloud Library from August 1-September 30.

For more information contact marilyn@osceolaarts.org.