The  Osceola County Board of County Commissioners announced during a recent board meeting that Michael Nichola, Osceola County’s Government Affairs Director, was named as the county’s Employee of the Year.

Nichola has served as the County’s Government Affairs Director since 2019 and is responsible for developing federal, state, and local advocacy platforms, comprehensive legislative affairs strategy and coordinating intergovernmental resources.   Since he joined the team, he has been prominently influential among community partners of all levels, and has paved the way for various crucial funding opportunities.    

I’m humbled that out of more than 1,600 amazing colleagues, the County selected me for employee of the year. It is a privilege to work for the County and to advance the County’s goals of making our community a better place to live. I thank the Board of County Commissioners and the County Manager for this honor and recognition.

Mike Nichola

Government Affairs Director, Osceola County

In his time with the County, Mike’s expertise in government affairs and his ability to leverage and target resources have been integral in securing several key grants for the County.

Here is a snapshot of the grants and his efforts:

  • Mike assisted the county’s Transportation and Transit Department to receive $6 million for NeoVation Way through the Department of Economic Opportunity.

  • He assisted the Public Works Department in navigating the labyrinth of grant opportunities available for stormwater and natural resources projects. His efforts have been important to the County’s successful acquisition of stormwater grants, including a $1.26 Million Community Development Block Grant -Mitigation funds for updating the County’s Surface Water Management Plan, and a $4.7 Million DEP grant for the Buenaventura Lakes Master Drainage System.

  • Most recently, his efforts resulted in the County receiving $50.8 million dollars from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Build Back Better Regional Challenge grant. The grant is to expand NeoCity’s semiconductor research, development, and manufacturing capabilities. Out of 529 applications nationwide, the Osceola-led Central Florida semiconductor coalition was one of 60 finalists – and the only organization in the state of Florida to be awarded a grant.

Michael Nichola’s outstanding work and accomplishments have resulted in a remarkable impact to the County and the community in general. His exemplary work not only has received praise from business partners, but resulted in The Osceola Chamber of Commerce recognizing him as one of “Tomorrow’s Leaders Today” Award recipients.
Mike’s work excellence, professionalism, and commitment to the County’s success are core qualities that identify his work ethic and support for this nomination.

Congratulations and thank you to Michael Nichola, Osceola County’s 2022 Employee of The Year, for making a Positive Difference in and around Osceola County!
SOURCE: Osceola County