Park hopping is back at Disney World, and for the first time since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Disney guests can visit more than one theme park on the same day.

When Disney’s parks reopened in July with new health and safety measures in place, the park hopping option was temporarily suspended. But as of Friday, January 1, park hopping returned. Here’s what you need to know about park hopping, which has undergone a few changes.

Guests will need to make a Disney park reservation for the initial park they plan to visit. After going to the first park, they can visit another park during specific park hopping hours. Park Hopper hours begin at 2 p.m. daily and continue until the parks close. The current hours are listed on the Disney World website.

Because Disney Parks, like other theme parks, are operating with capacity limits, park guests will need to be mindful of that when park hopping, and will only be able to get into the other parks if they haven’t reached capacity. Disney’s monorail to Magic Kingdom and the Disney Skyliner are both available for park hopping and Disney’s park-to-park bus transportation, which visitors can utilize when park hopping. Park guests will need a valid ticket or pass with the park hopper option in order to use Disney transportation.