As a reminder, the Osceola County School District will open 12 school and community sites today where FREE breakfast and lunch will be distributed to children 18 years and under during the extended school closure.

The meals, in conjunction with the state’s Summer BreakSpot program, will be available for pickup between 9:30-11:00 a.m. through April 15, the current duration of school closures.

Procedures are in place in order to maintain social distancing. Families can go to school/site nearest them to pick up food even if they do not attend that school. They will drive up in the bus loops and be handed meals through the vehicle window. Students must accompany the parent/adult when they are picking up the meals, and meals can be provided to children not of school age if they are in the group picking up the food.

The meals will be available at the following sites:

  • Michigan Avenue Elementary – 2015 S. Michigan Avenue in St. Cloud
  • Lakeview Elementary – 2900 5th Street in St. Cloud
  • Ventura Elementary – 275 Waters Edge Drive in Kissimmee
  • Denn John Middle – 2001 Denn John Lane in Kissimmee
  • Central Avenue Elementary – 500 W. Columbia Avenue in Kissimmee
  • Osceola High – 420 S. Thacker Avenue in Kissimmee
  • Kissimmee Middle – 2410 Dyer Boulevard in Kissimmee
  • Sunrise Elementary – 1925 Ham Brown Road in Kissimmee (Poinciana)
  • KOA Elementary – 5000 Koa Street in Kissimmee (Poinciana)
  • Deerwood Elementary – 3701 Marigold Avenue in Kissimmee (Poinciana)
  • Westside K-8 School –  2551 Westside Blvd in Kissimmee
  • Cameron Preserve — 1650 Yates Road in Kissimmee
Thanks to the Osceola County School District for continuing to make a positive difference in the lives of students during the extended school closure!