Representative Kristen Arrington, announced this week that a project she sponsored was approved through the Local Support Grant program.

This project provides $108,000 to the Osceola County’s Historic Courthouse  in Kissimmee. The 132-year-old Osceola County Historic Courthouse requires inspection and analysis by a preservation architect. This analysis will detail the current condition of historic brick, glass, and wood, and prescribe a scope of work for preservation. Preserving this historic building is of regional significance, as it is the oldest operating courthouse in the state, and listed on the National Registry of Historic Buildings.

According to the Florida House of Representatives, during the Fiscal Year, 2022-2023 General Appropriations Act for Local Support Grants Program  enabled members of the Legislature to request nonrecurring funding for local governments, education entities, or privately-operated programs to support local initiatives.

Osceola County formed in 1887 from portions of Orange and Brevard counties, with the courthouse being built in 1890. Today, the Historic Courthouse is one of the oldest and most important buildings in the heart of the City of Kissimmee.

“I’m thrilled that we were able to deliver funding through this new grant program for our district. This money will help address some important restorations to the oldest Courthouse in continuous use in the State of Florida,” said Representative Arrington.