The School District of Osceola County, along with Draper Law Office and Positively Osceola celebrated the February 2018 Featured Teacher with the selection of 5th grade teacher from Koa Elementary School, Mrs. Gonzalez-Reyes.

Mrs. Gonzalez-Reyes holds her students to high standards both academically and socially in her classroom learning community. Students in Mrs. Gonzalez-Reyes are given individualized directions based on their current levels of performance. She challenges her students to the next level and demonstrates differentiated instruction and goal setting through monthly data chats.

In addition to her daily commitment to student achievement, Mrs. Gonzalez-Reyes is also our volunteer lead teacher for the after school Robotics Club. She regularly brings STEM activities into real life scenarios and shares previous experiences in the field of engineering. As you can see, she is an all-around team player. Positively Osceola congratulates the February Teacher of the Month… Koa Elementary School 5th gradde teacher Mrs. Gonzalez-Reyes!