The Silver Spurs Riding Club officially passed its “Big Boss reins” from Dustin Bronson to Clifton Chapman in July, setting the stage for another successful year for the long-time local non-profit organization that annually hosts the best and biggest rodeos east of the Mississippi.

“We’d like to thank Dustin Bronson for his year of service to this Club and are excited to follow Clifton Chapman for the next year under his leadership,” the Silver Spurs Riding Club shared on a Facebook post in July.

Big Boss Clifton Chapman is no stranger to rodeo, or to Osceola County, as a fourth-generation Osceola County cattle rancher and third-generation Silver Spurs Riding Club member. Clifton’s Grandmother, Aileen “Bill” Chapman was one of the founding members of the Silver Spurs Riding Club back in 1941. Her legacy lives on through the Annual Miss Silver Spurs Pageant horsemanship award named in her honor. Clifton’s Grandfather, “Chappy’ Chapman, and his dad, Jimmy, both served as “Big Boss,” or president, of the Silver Spurs Riding Club.

The Silver Spurs Rodeo has been a part of Clifton’s life from his earliest memories. From helping his dad down in the timed event pens as a youngster, to escorting the Little Miss Silver Spurs contestants at the age of 10, riding over to Silver Spurs Quadrille practice in the old arena from his grandparent’s barn as a teen, to currently participating in the adult Quadrille. He is now passing on his love for the Silver Spurs Riding Club to his four boys, the fifth generation of the Chapman family, who you can see riding sheep during the “mutton bustin” and riding in the junior Quadrille.

Silver Spurs Rodeo
Silver Spurs Rodeo
Silver Spurs Rodeo

“It’s a huge honor to follow in the footsteps of many generations of great cowboys, and cow women, so this is an opportunity I’ve been looking forward to, to help the club continue to do what we do,” Silver Spurs Riding Club’s new Big Boss said after the riding club’s June rodeo. “I started in Quadrille as soon as I could sit in the saddle, so it’s been part of what I’ve done, and what my family has done, since I was little.”

Chapman says as Big Boss he will show his gratitude for all the hard working volunteers that make the the Silver Spurs rodeos happen, and continue to bolster the riding club’s legacy.

“There are so many people and committees that work hard all year to make sure the rodeo takes place, from concessions, to helping out behind the chutes,  or just making sure people are enjoying themselves during our rodeo events. They are hugely important to our organization, and we’re very grateful for them all,” Clifton Chapman said when asked by Positively in June what he was planning to focus on as the riding club’s next Big Boss. “It all started as people in a club wanting to ride horses together, and spend time together, and that’s still what we do today, and so much more. It’s our history and it’s our heritage.” 

So, when the upcoming Silver Spurs Riding Club’s Boots, Bulls, and Barrels Rodeo takes place October 1 at 7:30pm, keep an eye out for Big Boss Clifton Chapman. He won’t likely be sitting in a seat watching all the Silver Spurs Rodeo action, he’ll be back on the dirt, working along-side his family and all the other volunteers who keep the Silver Spurs Riding Club’s legacy alive and strong.

Looking to support the Silver Spurs Riding Club? Consider making a financial donation. All SSRC donations go directly to organizations in Osceola County for scholarships, cancer support, veteran needs, and more, and can be made directly on the club’s tickets page.

Source: Silver Spurs Rodeo