The world’s biggest and “baddest” rocket, Space X’s Falcon Heavy, is currently on launch pad 39-A at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral and preparing for its first-ever night launch. Elon Musk says this will be SpaceX’s most challenging launch to date. That’s because of the range of orbits the satellites need to reach. There are 24 satellites inside Falcon Heavy’s nose cone, making it the first time the world’s biggest rocket will carry more than one satellite to space.

The launch is scheduled for tonight with the window opening at 11:30 p.m. and is sure to attract crowds from all over the globe as usual.

After the launch the plan is for the  three boosters to return for a triple landing at Cape Canaveral and should be visible for miles around as they hopefully touch down.

Elon Musk tweeted, “This is the first mission to reuse the side boosters that flew on a previous Falcon Heavy mission.”

The Falcon Heavy will carry several payloads for NASA and the Air Force, which means they are paying for tonight’s launch, or actually, the taxpayers are.

There is an atomic clock for space navigation and some space weather research equipment on board for tonight’s launch. The Falcon Heavy is currently the most economical method to get those items into space.

One of the satellites being transported into space tonight’s will carry 152 metal capsules packed with human ashes. A company called Celestis has set up this “funeral flight” and charges upwards of $5,000 to fly 1 gram of “cremains” into orbit. The remains are from from engineers, astronauts, and even also a Star Trek actor.

Is that a bit creepy? Well, perhaps… but it’s helping pay for flight so why not?

If the rocket successfully launches tonight Space X will propel 24 satellites into orbit around Earth — along with the ashes of 152 dead people.

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