SpaceX is planning to launch its Falcon 9 rocket with its mission Starlink 9 on Wednesday July 8. According to the Space Force, weather for the attempt stands at 70% “go”.

The rocket is scheduled to leave from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 12 p.m.,  weather permitting. The Starlink 9 will be carrying 57 satellites in this tenth batch of satellites for the SpaceX Starlink broadband network, along with two Earth-observing satellites for BlackSky Global. The mission, if successful, will boost the Starlink internet constellation’s size to nearly 600.

SpaceX will attempt to recover the first stage booster on the drone ship, ‘Of Course, I Still Love You’, in the Atlantic Ocean after the first stage of separation.

Starlink’s Falcon 9 launch on Wednesday is set to pave the way for another Falcon 9 liftoff on July 12. That’s a quick turnaround, even for SpaceX.