The City of St. Cloud Council approved the entertainment district amendment allowing the use of outside alcohol consumption for the downtown. The city has shared with the community what’s next and what to expect:

For District visitors:
• Stay within the Entertainment District Boundaries: (North) 9th Street; (East) Florida Avenue; (South)13th Street; (West) Massachusetts Avenue
• Hours of outdoor consumption are from Wednesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.
• For outdoor consumption, no more than 1 drink per valid I.D per transaction
• Outdoor consumption is only permitted in a clear plastic cup, with registered district logo, not to exceed 16 fl. ounces
• Alcoholic drinks are defined as beer, wine, and liquors
• No alcoholic drinks are to be brought in from outside of the District
• Be courteous of your surroundings and dispose of your waste in one of the many available trash bins within the District

For Outdoor Alcoholic Beverages Dispensing Establishments:
• Your establishment must register with the City to be able to dispense alcoholic beverages for outdoor consumption. Click here to contact the Community Development Department’s Zoning Division for information on how to register your business.
• Your establishment is allowed to dispense only one (1) drink per valid I.D. for outdoor consumption, per transaction at a time.
• Dispense alcoholic beverages for outside consumption only between 11 a.m. Wednesday to Saturday 12 a.m.
• Alcoholic beverages dispended for outdoor consumption must be in a clear cup, no larger than 16 fl. ounces, that contains the District’s registered logo. Please email Mainstreet for information on how to obtain the approved logo to place on your plastic cups.
• Do not allow drinks to enter into your establishment from outside sources