The peak of the summer travel period made an impressive rebound in August at Orlando International Airport (MCO). More than 3.5 million passengers decided to follow their hearts and fulfill their pent up desire to travel in August. Traffic at Florida’s busiest airport was up by 210 percent for the month compared to 2020.

To place the month into better perspective, when compared to 2019, prior to the pandemic, overall traffic was down about 15 percent or about 21,000 fewer passengers per day on average.

With transatlantic service still waiting to fully resume, international traffic at MCO has shifted to the Caribbean, Mexico and South America. For now, the international traffic crown belongs to JetBlue with 21 percent of the market and Copa and Spirit Airlines both with 19 percent.

August 2021 Statistical Data:

  • Domestic traffic climbed 196.73 percent for the month with some 3,325,116 total passengers
  • International traffic climbed 1,300 percent over this time last year with 193,056 passengers
  • Despite the dramatic international increase to certain areas, international traffic is still down 84 percent compared to 2019′
  • Combined, overall traffic was up 210.09 percent with a total of 3,518,172 passengers in August
  • On a rolling 12-month basis, MCO has now recovered to 32,249,712 annual passengers from the pre-pandemic high of nearly 51 million