Walmart has announced the return of “metering” in its stores nationwide in order to limit the number of customers inside its stores at one time.

In April Walmart began metering in all its stores across the country early in the pandemic, now Walmart will move back to counting customers as COVID-19 infections are back on the rise.

Back in April, Walmart was allowing no more than five customers for every 1,000 square feet at a given time, or about 20 percent of a store’s capacity. The new metering process will remain the same, unless a lower capacity is mandated by a local government, or if a nationwide federal mandate is put in place.

Once a store reaches its capacity, customers will be admitted inside on a “1-out-1-in” basis.

Quite often in April, the 20% limit wasn’t actually reached, but as we approach the holiday shopping season, it’s possible that we may see lines form outside Walmart stores, causing holiday shoppers to choose “off hours” to check off the holiday shopping list.