Christmas in November? My gosh yes! It’s been one long and challenging year, and it’s not looking like it’s going to calm down anytime soon. So, thankfully someone decided it was time for a Positive change that would bring some Positive Impact. Z88.3 has switched to Christmas tunes since Election Day and will do so through Christmas night!

“Given the challenging year we have been having, first with COVID-19 and now a contentious election, Z88.3 FM in Orlando has decided we all could use some holiday cheer to get our minds off the bad and onto the good by flipping to all Christmas Music,” the station said. “Nothing brings peace and comfort to the soul more than Christmas.”

With so many folks affected by businesses laying off, furloughing, or closing their doors… it was a GREAT call by Z88.3 to go Christmas music early!

“This year has been a hard year for so many, and people need to be comforted — brought back to happier times with familiar songs that bring hope and joy,” Z88.3 President and Founder Jim Hoge said. “We wanted to bring a positive end to a difficult year by spreading Christmas cheer, peace, and comfort.”

Thank you Z88.3 for making a positive difference in and around Osceola County!