The Osceola County School Board announced Thursday that Osceola County’s high school graduation rate rose 0.7 percent in 2018-19 to an all-time high of 90 percent, ranking 14th of Florida’s 67 counties and behind only Seminole County in the seven-county Central Florida region.

The state average is 86.9 percent.

Graduation rates for Osceola’s Hispanic students, English Language Learners, Exceptional Education students, student with disabilities, Families in Transition students, and free and reduced lunch students all increased, the district said.

This wonderful accomplishment doesn’t happen without the hard work of our amazing teachers, administrators, and support staff who are committed to student success. Our parents, students, and community as a whole continue to make graduating from high school a priority and the first step in our children’s promising futures.

Dr. Debra Pace

Superintendent, School District of Osceola County

A positive education landscape makes for a positive community. Thanks and congratulations to teachers, assistants, administrators, support staff, parents and students for their educational achievements!