The last two years have been challenging, possibly the most challenging many of us have experienced during our lifetimes. But, a new year is here, and as a community, as a nation, and as a world – we embrace a fresh start with hope for the new year.  Positively Osceola asked a number of positive leaders in the community to share their hope and their plans for the new year, and how we can encourage and support each other in 2022.  We asked Hector Lizasuain, Chief Executive Officer at Magic Development, LLC to share his hope and outlook for 2022.

Though 2021 brought its challenges and its fair share of ups and downs, I walk away from it with lessons learned,  and a healthy respect for how fragile life truly is.  I witnessed firsthand a booming housing market, a high unemployment rate, a tourism industry thriving and struggling at the same time, friends and family taken from us far too soon, schools closing and then opening, and friends and family torn by Covid and politics. 

But then I saw the love by many who rolled up their sleeves and tackled every challenge thrown at our ever-growing community with a special optimism that magically appears when the need arises.  Even with the ups and downs of this unusual year, I take comfort in knowing that I am blessed with good health, the love of family, beautiful friendships, and our amazing community.  

Here’s a quote for this upcoming year and a possible goal, “A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, and realize how blessed you are.”  – Author Unknown. 

So, for 2022, I wish you all a year filled with good health, blessings, opportunities, peace, and happiness.  Be safe and Happy New Year!

Hector Lizasuain

Chief Executive Officer, Magic Development, LLC