Just call Wendy Ford and Ken Chapman #TeamNoJelly.

Ford, the CEO of the Osceola Council on Aging, and Chapman, captain of the Salvation Army of Orlando, which includes Osceola County, came up with a way to turn thousands of pounds of peanut butter into less of a sticky situation Monday morning.

The Salvation Army received 17 tons of bulk peanut butter in 50-pound boxes last week, Chapman said, and presented this opportunity to Ford, who realized nobody could give away boxes that big and bulky to families. But, put it in regular-sized containers, and you have protein-packed creamy gold for the seniors — who Ford serves — and the homeless — who Chapman serves.

Inside the Council on Aging kitchen, with everyone fully masked, gloved and apron-ed up, that peanut butter pile turned into 2,500 containers that can be easily served to families, senior citizens, or the homeless, who can toss it in their backpacks for a filling snack. Ford said she’s tracking down two-pound containers for families. The two organizations are putting their logos on the labels, and Chapman will take some for a giveaway in Orlando this week.

“We’re grateful for the great collaboration, we work together to make this a better community,” Chapman said. “The Council on Aging is one of the best non-profits we have the honor to partner with. We’re going to make this area a better place to live.”