Members of St. Cloud Fire Rescue Station 32 are the newest members of a very special club, the Stork Club. The St. Cloud team earned this honor following their successful assistance in the delivery of a baby on December 3, 2023, while on the way to the hospital.

The heroes of this heartwarming story are firefighters Michael Baez, Giovanni Menendez, Brian Spain, Brandin Hudson, John Luzzi, and William Turner. Their quick thinking and expert care during a critical moment ensured the safe delivery of the baby, making them deserving recipients of this very special accolade.

The event was celebrated on Tuesday with St. Cloud Fire Chief Jason Miller when the firefighters were officially recognized as members of the Stork Club. The ceremony not only highlighted their bravery but also their commitment to serving the community in extraordinary ways.

Both the mother and the baby are reported to be healthy and thriving, basking in the joy of life together.

Congratulations to the team at St. Cloud Fire Rescue Station 32 for their exemplary service and for earning their place in the Stork Club!