In a heartwarming ceremony in Osceola County, 10th grade student Alejandra Blanco was honored as the winner of this year’s Severe Weather Awareness Art Contest, a collaborative effort between Osceola County Emergency Management and local educational institutions. The Osceola County Board of County Commissioners Chair, Cheryl Grieb, alongside Emergency Management Director, Bill Litton, presented the award to Alejandra, recognizing her exceptional talent and contribution to raising awareness about severe weather preparedness.

The contest, open to K-12 students across Osceola County, served as a platform for young artists to showcase their understanding and perspectives on severe weather preparedness through art. Participants were tasked with creating artworks that illustrated preparedness measures for various severe weather categories, ranging from hurricanes to floods.

Alejandra Artist
Alejandra Working

Alejandra’s winning artwork, entitled “Who Was In There?”, features a powerful depiction of a flooding scene. Through her art, she challenges viewers to reflect on the importance of being prepared in the face of weather-related challenges. The piece stands out for its emotional depth and the compelling message it conveys, emphasizing the critical need for awareness and readiness amidst natural disasters.

This year’s Severe Weather Awareness Art Contest not only highlighted the creative talents of Osceola County’s youth but also underscored the importance of community engagement in promoting safety and preparedness. Congratulations to Alejandra on her well-deserved win, and to all the participants who contributed their art to this vital cause.

SOURCE: Osceola County, Osceola County Office of Emergency Management,