Harold Eugene Cantrell, 85, has been missing from the Indigo Palms Health Care facility since 5 p.m. Wednesday, and his family is asking the public to join in the search for him.

Mr. Cantrell has Alzheimer’s Disease and diabetes, and his family says that his disabilities mean he could have gone almost anywhere since he left the Daytona Beach health care facility. The feel that is life is very much in danger at this point.

Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri said Saturday that they have received several tips, and hundreds of people are searching for him, but nothing has helped them locate Mr. Cantrell so far.

The 85-year-old’s son Mike Cantrell spoke at the recent news conference.

“We hope that we can get the word out and through this news conference we can notify everybody in the Daytona Beach area to try to find my dad,” Mike said. “He’s 85 years old. He may or may not know where he’s or who he is.” “We believe that he is out there walking around trying to find his way to somewhere,” he said.

Harold Cantrell has a tracking Tile that can be activated via Bluetooth. Authorities once again asked the public to download the Tile app for the tracking device on him. The family and police are hoping anyone in the area with a mobile device can download the app and keep location and Bluetooth services on.

“If you walk within 100 feet of him, whether you realize it or not, that Tile will auto send his GPS coordinates to the Tile company which will send it to us so that we can notify the police and we can zoom in on where he’s at,” Mike Cantrell said.

The Tile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Cantrell was last seen wearing a black, gray and white horizontal stripped shirt, black pants and dark shoes. He also may be wearing a dark blue U.S. Navy cap with USS Midway, CV-41 on it.

Mr. Cantrell is a U.S. Navy veteran of the Korean War, his son said.

Mike Cantrell said his father is most likely confused and trying to get back to his home in Flagler County or to his hometown in Illinois, but could literally be anywhere.

“We gotta find him. Let’s bring this veteran home,” Daytona Beach Police Chief Capri said.

Anyone who sees Cantrell is asked to call 911 and to engage him caringly in a conversation until authorities arrive to help get him back to his family.