Amazon has recently unveiled its new private-label food brand Aplenty, which is being sold online and in its Amazon Fresh stores.

The move by Amazon comes after a year of living with the COVID-19 pandemic where consumers greatly increased how much they cooked and snacked at home.

Some of the Aplenty items include parmesan, garlic, and herb pita chips that are twice-baked, small-batch pink Himalayan salt kettle-cooked potato chips, slow-baked cornbread crackers, salted caramel chip mini cookies, and honey Dijon mustard.

In the next year, Amazon will be adding hundreds of Aplenty products as in confections, salty snacks, cookies, crackers, frozen foods, condiments, sauces, seasonings, baking mixes, and pantry staples will be introduced under the Aplenty name.

“As with all things at Amazon, we innovate on behalf of our customers across all of our businesses and that includes the food category,” an Amazon spokesperson said in an email. “With Aplenty, we set out to create a delicious line of food products made from high-quality ingredients and cooking methods to deliver abundant flavor.”

Aplenty products are made with ingredients like butter, sugar, honey, and stoneground mustard seed, while eliminating artificial flavors, synthetic colors, and high-fructose corn syrup.

Each product has been taste-tested, Amazon said, and if customers don’t love the product, the company will refund the price.