Early in June in the Covington Estates community of St Cloud, the sound of drills and hammers could be heard throughout the neighborhood and was music to one resident’s ears. Joyce Dillon is a 72-year-old woman living alone and was having difficulty going up and down the steps that lead into her home. Thanks to an amazing group from AmVets and the Osceola Council On Aging that’s no longer an issue for Joyce.

Joyce is dependent on a walker for her mobility. Maneuvering the stairs at her door has become unmanageable. In fact, nearby neighbors report seeing ambulances at her house frequently because of Mrs. Dillon falling while trying to navigate her walker up and down the steps. On three occasions, those falls have resulted in broken bones.

Enter the incredible people from Osceola Council on Agingand AmVets #33 St Cloud. When they learned of Mrs. Dillon’s struggle, the wheels began to turn, and a plan was put in place to help Joyce get back to living her best life.

When Positively Osceola arrived, Marty, Kevin, Sid, and Jim from AmVets along with Donnie from Council on Aging were hammering away building a new ramp at the entrance of Joyce’s home. We spoke to them briefly and they each expressed their joy with being able to help Mrs. Dillon feel safe again.

“I have not been able to go in or out of my home without the assistance of another person in some time,” says Joyce. “If there was a situation like a fire that required me to exit my home quickly, I fear I wouldn’t be able to.” The ramp isn’t just about the convenience of getting in and out easier, it’s about ensuring her safety. Joyce peeks out of her curtains to check on the progress of the ramp.  When we asked what she was most excited about regarding her new ramp Joyce said, “I just want to go for walks. I want to be outside. I want to get exercise and feel the sunshine.”

Thank you to Osceola County on Aging and AmVets #33 St Cloud for helping bring back the sunshine for Joyce and for making a positive difference in Osceola.