The state of Florida has released data that shows the current number of COVID-19 patients that are hospitalized across the state, and by county.

Since March when the FDOH began reported numbers of positive cases of COVID-19, the total number of patients that had been hospitalized across the state and by county was shared, but not the “current” number hospitalized.

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration has begun releasing data showing the current number of coronavirus patients, as well information about the total number of ICU rooms and their current availability.

As of Friday’s report, there were 6,994 coronavirus patients being cared for in hospitals in Florida, 183 of them in Osceola County.

According to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration their are 109 adult ICU beds in Osceola County, 9 which are currently available, or 8.26%. There are 6 pediatric ICU beds available, which is 100% available.

Positively Osceola will share more detailed information about the current coronavirus-related hospitalizations at the next COVID-19 update later this morning.