How common are slip and fall accidents over the holidays? Unfortunately, the frequency of these types of accidents increases as people focus on preparing to celebrate and having fun with family and friends.

In Central Florida, there are so many places to go and an abundance of different things to do. With so much going on everywhere we go, unfortunately sometimes slip and fall or trip and fall accidents take place.

If you’re involved in a slip and fall or trip and fall accident, it can change your life – how you live, how you go to school, or even how you work and earn a living. So where do you turn for advice? Where do you go to find answers?

Call Draper Law Office. Charlie Draper and Draper Law Office have been serving the community since 1984, and they can help you.

Slip and fall, or trip and fall cases are often related to someone else’s negligence and can be proven with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

If you’re looking for an attorney that you can trust and that will help you protect your rights and win your case, call Draper Law Offices at 407-846-0075.

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