Orlando International Airport (MCO) is expecting this year’s Christmas/New Year holiday travel season to be half of what it would normally be. Last year MCO saw 1.5 million departures. This year, 775,000 are expected to travel through security during the 21-day travel period.

Orlando Air Traffic“Although our passenger traffic is down about 50 percent from year ago levels, we have not lost focus on the need to provide excellent customer service, which entails providing travelers and employees with a safe and healthy environment,” says Phil Brown, Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. “We want the best experience possible for all of those who travel in and out of Orlando International Airport- “The Orlando Experience.”

The busiest holiday season travel day is expected to be Sunday, January 3rd with approximately 45,000 passengers departing MCO.

New This Year for MCO Travelers:

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols for safety
  • More than 100 hand sanitizing dispensers located throughout the terminal complex
  • Ultraviolet light air filtration system installed  MCO/OUC Floating Solar Array partnership generating renewable energy for Orlando International Airport passengers
  • Evenflow crowd radar density pilot program to assist passengers with social distancing while at the gate area. MCO is the first airport in the world to test this system.
  • Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) accreditation for airport and Hyatt Hotel cleaning standards
  • Sunflower lanyard program to identify and assist passengers with hidden disabilities

Important Travel Tips and Reminders:

  • Do NOT bring weapons. Firearms are only allowed in checked luggage and must be unloaded and placed in special travel containers
  • Do NOT wrap gifts when going through security. They may be subject to inspection by the TSA
  • Check out the TSA website for specific changes to security screening policies, including the allowance of up to 12-ounces of hand sanitizer through the security checkpoints. Other gels and liquids are still capped at 3.4 ounces
  • Pack as lightly as possible
  • Wear easily removable shoes
  • If traveling with a pet or comfort animal, bring a leash. The pet will need to be on a leash while the animal carrier is properly screened by the TSA
  • If traveling with a comfort pet please check with your individual airline in advance to learn their specific rules for animal transport  Do NOT make light-hearted jokes about security or secure situations
  • Please pack your patience!