It’s simply impossible to celebrate Independence Day without remembering the men and women who sacrifice so much to protect our freedom.

Yet so many veterans struggle to make ends meet after returning home. And this past year, skyrocketing inflation and ongoing problems from the pandemic have only added to their hardships. They need our help.

With your support, the VFW’s Unmet Needs program can make a difference in the lives of these heroes.

Please consider donating today and ensuring that the VFW can reach its goal of helping 25 veterans with $1,500 Unmet Needs grants for a total of $37,500 by July 4th. Your gift of any size will provide urgently needed assistance with essentials like food, housing and medical care.


Veteran Jason Kennedy received an Unmet Needs grant that helped pay rent while he was in treatment for service-related injuries and post-traumatic stress. He says, “It was a lifeline … With everything going on, this has been the one bright spot.”

Please make a gift by July 4th to let more veterans like Jason know how much you care and appreciate their sacrifices.