This Saturday April 20th, communities nationwide will gather at local YMCA branches to celebrate Healthy Kids Day, an event designed to enhance the health and well-being of children. This year, Healthy Kids Day will introduce a new partnership with the New Worlds Reading Initiative called “Y Reads.”

Healthy Kids Day will take place at the Osceola YMCA, located at 2117 W Mabbette St. in Kissimmee from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, and will include activities focused on improving literacy and encouraging healthy lifestyles among children. This initiative is part of the Y’s broader goal to support academic success and well-being among youth through engaging, community-based programs.

Key Features of “Y Reads”

1. Free Books for Children:
In an effort to build personal libraries, every child in attendance will receive free books. This aims not only to promote reading from an early age but also to foster educational development outside the classroom environment. The provided literature covers a diverse range of subjects and stories, appealing to various interests and reading levels.

2. Literacy Activities:
YMCA locations will host a variety of literacy activities tailored specifically for young readers from VPK through 5th grade. These activities are designed to be both fun and educational, providing children with the skills they need to succeed in reading and comprehension.

3. Interactive Learning Sessions:
Families are invited to participate in interactive learning sessions which will highlight reading strategies and comprehension skills. These sessions are set to be engaging and informative, catering to children and parents alike, ensuring that learning continues at home.

4. Community Engagement:
The event will also serve as a platform for community engagement, featuring appearances and workshops led by local educators, authors, and leaders in literacy. These community figures will share insights and resources aimed at enriching the local educational landscape.

The primary objective of  “Y Reads”  is to address and narrow the literacy gap seen in underserved communities. By providing children with access to free books and dynamic learning activities, the YMCA and New Worlds Reading Initiative strive to ignite a lifelong passion for reading and continuous learning among participants.

This free public event is open to everyone, not just current members, and will emphasize the YMCA’s commitment to inclusive community support. It is a unique opportunity for families to engage in meaningful educational experiences and celebrate the joy of reading together.

Healthy Kids Day is more than just a day of fun; it’s a stepping stone towards creating a healthier, more educated future for the next generation. Bring the kiddos by and be a part of this enriching community event. Celebrate your child’s development, explore new worlds through reading, and enjoy a day filled with healthy, educational activities, and plain and simple old fun!

For more information, visit the YMCA in Osceola County’s official website at