The City of Kissimmee unveiled an innovative and groundbreaking playground at Kissimmee Lakefront Park on Friday, thanks to the collaboration between BCI Burke and the City of Kissimmee Parks and Recreation Department.

“Building strong bonds with our partners allows the City of Kissimmee to continually enhance the lives and experience of everyone enjoying our community.” says City Manager Mike Steigerwald.

The previous playground in the Veterans Lawn of Kissimmee Lakefront Park (near the Monument of States) was removed making room for one of Burke’s newest playground designs featuring an innovative tower feature. This exciting design was intentionally built to allow each child to customize their experience based on their growth and ability level. Notably, the play system features a state-of-the-art 360-degree loop that enables children with varying levels of mobility to join in the fun, promoting inclusivity.

The unveiling of this playground coincided with Burke’s National Sales Conference held in Orlando, providing Burke’s employees with an exclusive preview of this unique play system. “We’ve worked with the City of Kissimmee to create a first of its kind play area.  It’s part of what we love – to leave the places we visit with a memorable play experience that will serve their community for years to come.” says Mike Phelan President and CEO of BCI Burke.

Kissimmee Lakefront Park is located at 201 Lakeview Drive, Kissimmee, FL and is home to other notable amenities and attractions such as Big Toho Marina, the Monument of States, a splash pad, fishing pier, rentable pavilions, concessions, and access to Shingle Creek Regional Trail.