The City of St. Cloud recently recognized nearly 60 employees for their years of service to St. Cloud residents, including Misael Cortez, support services manager at the St. Cloud Police Department, who was recognized for 30 years of service to the City of St. Cloud and its residents.
I am proud of each of our employees who come to work every day and do their jobs to provide excellent services to our residents. The longevity of these employees is a testament to their dedication to helping us meet our goal of continuing to make St. Cloud a great place to live, work, play and do business.
Veronica Miller

City Manager, City of St. Cloud

St. Cloud
City of St. Cloud
City of St. Cloud
The City’s annual Employee Service Awards dinner was held Friday, March 3, at St. Cloud’s Marina Banquet Hall on Lakeshore Drive.
St. Cloud Employees that were honored:
  • 25 Years: Lizzy Grenus, Jason Miller, and Lisa Thompson.
  • 20 Years: Garrett Stockdill and Mark Wallach
  • 15 Years: Christine Baxter, Stephen Burrows, Mathew Chesler, Jonathan Colley, Matthew Crego, David Finenco, Samantha Frost, Matthew Hargrave, Nathan Irving, Liliana Jaimes, Mark Lindbeck, Elsa Schaffer, Alicia Schwan, and Glenn Whitter.
  • 10 years: Steven Adams, Mark Carcia, Adam Fari, Mark Harper, Judith Hernandez, John Koones, Curtis Lopez, Kimberli Mateo, Anthony Mondello, Jessica Mondello, Scott O’Neill, George Randolph, John Sanderson, Roberto Smith, Brandon Snow, and William Wager.
  • 5 years: Abismael Abreu, James Allegood, Jamie DeMelo, Collin Dunn, Bradley Galloway, David Kastner, Claudia Klockars, Jessie Light, Avery Macy, Patrick Mannix, Benjamin McCormick, Shane Rheaume, Martin Rios, Samuel Rosa, Kaley Smith, Madeline Stayer, William Tilford, Leigh-Anne Tomaino, Edgardo Torres-Ramos, and Shayleen Valdiva.