If a hurricane strikes our area, the best place to ride out the storm is far away, well outside a storm’s path. In some cases that may mean traveling several hours’ distance to get out of the storm’s path. If you are not able to travel that far, and your home is not a safe location, take your family to an emergency shelter located as far as possible from the danger area.

Every family should make every possible effort to prevent being trapped at home during a hurricane. Even after all necessary arrangements have been made to evacuate in plenty of time, it might be a good idea to discuss these “during the storm” safety tips, just in case someone becomes stranded and must weather the storm at hom

Never go outdoors during a hurricane — not even during the “quiet time” that occurs while the storm’s eye is moving through the area. In addition to wind, flying debris and possibly hail or lightning, you may also encounter dangers such as rising water and downed power lines.

  • Stay away from any windows or glass-paned doors that haven’t been boarded up from the outside. Cover them with blankets from the inside to prevent injury or damage from water, flying debris or broken glass.
  • Stay tuned to local news and weather broadcasts via battery-operated radios or televisions to keep abreast of the storm’s progress and other emergency bulletins.
  • Never rely on candles, kerosene lamps or other flammable lighting materials. Use glow sticks, flashlights or battery-powered lamps instead.
  • Keep your family together at all times, preferably in an interior room of your home, or whatever indoor location you feel will provide the best protection from hurricane-force winds.
  • Gather up extra pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, sofa cushions and mattresses to make a “soft shelter” your family can utilize in case your home is damaged by hurricane winds or tornadoes.
  • Keep pets with you at all times so you can monitor their behavior and keep them safe.
  • Never attempt to travel the roads until after the storm is over and local authorities have declared the area safe for traveling.