Community Betterment Grants allow local groups to seek funds from Osceola County Commissioners for a variety of programs or events. Administered to all five County Commissioners, the funding is distributed through the Osceola County Human Services Department. $50,000 is set aside annually in each commission district and if the funds are not fully expanded, the funds carry over.

District 1 Commissioner Peggy Choudhry awarded nearly $100,000 in Community Betterment Grant funding to a list of community partners on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

The grants range from $1,020 to $50,000. The Salvation Army was awarded $50,000, the largest amount, this money will start an emergency Resource Center which will provide hot meals, showers, job search assistance, shared office space and medical care.

“I’m so proud that these grants will be used to provide such a variety of essential services to the residents of Osceola County,” said Choudhry, who announced the grants on the Courthouse steps. “The Salvation Army is a tremendous partner to establish this Emergency Resource Center, which has been a priority for me. They are going to use these funds to team with other agencies to change the lives of Osceola County’s most vulnerable residents, who so often just need basic, immediate assistance.”

Grant recipients include Blue Iris Acres, CFHLA Foundation, Miles of Help Through Christ – Changing Rooms USA, Agape Food Ministries, Swamp Girl Adventures, St. Vincent de Paul Corpus Christi, Free Clinic of Florida, Caballo Bravo Fino Horse International Association, and The Salvation Army.

“I am very happy that an International well known organization has agreed to create the very first Emergency Resource Center in Osceola County. The Salvation Army will implement what many of us have been requesting in a One Stop location to help those in need while collaborating with other organizations so that there is no duplication of services, “ said Commissioner Choudhry.

The Salvation Army Assistance to low income, homeless and other individuals who are experiencing poverty. Providing rent, utility assistance, meals, and clothing. $50,000
Caballo Bravo Fino Horse International Association To promote and preserve culture and tradition in a safe and responsible environment by providing free seminars, clinics such as CPR, first responder, and 911 awareness. $18,000
Free Clinic of Florida Providing primary care to Osceola County residents, who are uninsured and low income.  $5,000
St. Vincent de Paul Corpus Christi Support those in need who would otherwise end up on the street or most cases will cost the County monies for medical, housing, food and legal services. $4,900
Swamp Girl Adventures Cleanup project that will bring the community together to help remove litter and invasive plants from local areas. $4,700
Agape Food Ministries Provide food for low-income families, as well as elderly and disabled that are on a strict fixed income. $4,500
Miles of Help Through Christ – Changing Rooms USA Purchase a trailer to distribute much-needed provisions in Osceola County. $4,455
CFHLA Foundation Supports the Hospitality Students Scholarship, allowing students an opportunity to attend higher education without a financial burden. $3,000
Blue Iris Acres Support the Dancing Farmer Summit, which is a two-day program that provides animal interaction activities for stress reduction and mental health improvement. $1,020