As of the Florida Department of Health’s Saturday morning update, Osceola County stands at 207 COVID-19 cases, up just six from Friday afternoon. The number of deaths (four) and hospitalizations (58) remained unchanged, signaling an early — early — sign that widespread social distancing and residents staying at home may be having a positive impact on the spread of COVID-19

The states total was reported this morning at an ironic 11,111 cases. There have been 191 deaths reported, an increase of 21 overnight a 12 percent increase.

The DOH case data and surveillance dashboard now has more detailed local case numbers based on ZIP code, showing exact numbers rather than a range if an area has double-digits in cases. Friday night it showed a range in all areas. Positively Osceola is encouraging the community to use this information to keep you and your families healthy and safe. Please continue to practice social distancing and be mindful of all CDC guidelines so together, so we can put an end to the coronavirus pandemic.