As of Saturday morning, over 103,000 coronavirus tests have been performed in the state of Florida.

With a population of 21.5 million, that’s about 1 test for every 208 residents, getting close to a benchmark Gov. Ron DeSantis noted earlier in the week that South Korea had tested every 200 people during the height of its pandemic.

Of the 103,389 tests, 90,956 have returned negative and 11,111 positive, for a statewide positive return rate of 10.7 percent. In Osceola County, there have been 1,445 tests done, according to the Florida Department of Health’s data dashboard, at doctor’s offices, hospitals and the county Department of Health by appointment. That’s one test for every 255 residents.

Of those, 207 have been positive for a return rate of 14.3 percent, a rate that the county has hovered right around for over a week. 1,155 of the tests have been negative and 83 await testing.

There closest public testing site is at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, which is doing just 250 tests a day to preserve resources and testing kits.