A Crystal Lagoon and Marina will be part of Whaley Platt coming to the East Lake Toho district after

A new housing development will be built on a little over 750 acres in Osceola County and include 2,818 units on 99 tracts made up of townhomes and single-family residences in the East Lake Toho district. The development will also include a marina, a manmade crystal lagoon created by Metro Development Group, and will allocate land for a K-8 charter school to be built in the future.

The Development called Whaley Platt should make it possible for the community’s residents to enjoy swimming in the community pool, waterfront yoga, paddleboarding, kayaking, and the many recreational activities in connection with the crystal fresh water lagoon. The developer has agreed to adhere to regional transportation improvements and the county’s new architectural standards.

As noted by Osceola County Manager Don Fisher during the county’s board meeting on Monday, “the transportation collaboration agreement has been signed and will be held in escrow until the closing.”

RJ Whidden & Associates, Inc. is the Whaley Platt project’s consultant, Metro Development Group is the developer, and Hanson Walter & Associates, Inc. is the civil engineer.

Construction on the development will not start before spring 2023.