Rats! A suspicious package had Kissimmee City Hall and the blocks around it closed for about two hours Tuesday morning before police officials gave the all clear, and confirmed the box had 2 dead rats inside.

Kissimmee Police reported the threat at about 9:30, and evacuated the city building and those immediately around it.
A KPD spokesperson said at around 8:25 a KPD employee was walking into City Hall for a meeting and found a suspicious package outside an employee entrance. It was considered “extremely suspicious” due to its size, location and a note attached to it.

In the name of safety, City Hall was evacuated and local streets were closed. Over three hours, the highly-trained professionals from the Orange County Bomb Squad, Osceola County HAZMAT team, county Emergency Services and Kissimmee Fire and Police responded.

Around 11 a.m., a KPD spokesperson said located a person of interest who might have placed it, who said the box contained dead rats. The bomb squad confirmed this through X-ray, sounded the all clear.