The Florida Department of Health’s COVID-19 report for Wednesday morning shows Osceola County with 272 active cases, 73 hospitalizations (the number hospitalized at some point during their illness, does not reflect the
number of people currently hospitalized) … and still four deaths, a number that’s held steady now for going on six days.

The number of cases statewide this morning is 15,456, an increase of 709 from overnight, a 309 deaths, up 13 from Tuesday evening.

A deep dive into Florida’s coronavirus cases statistics show a few trends:

  • Anyone can get the virus. Among the state’s over 15,000 cases, they are almost equally divided among the age groups: 25-34 years (16 percent of all cases), 35-44 (15), 45-54 (18), 55-64 (17) and 65-74 (14).
  • Hospitalizations are more likely among the 55-64 (17 percent of all cases), 65-74 (25) and 75-84 (20) age groups.
  • 246 of the 296 deaths reported as of Tuesday night, or 84 percent, come from the 65-74 (67, 23 percent), 75-84 (100, 34 percent) and 85+ (79, 27 percent, and 18 percent of its 424 total cases) age groups.

These statistics tell us that is still extremely important that we stay vigilant with our frequent hand washing, and social distancing, and other CDC guidelines. If we do, each day is one day closer to closing the chapter on the coronavirus pandemic.