At a recent Board of County Commissioners meeting, three young ladies from various schools in Osceola County were awarded with a special certificate presented to them from Chairwoman Cheryl Grieb in recognition of a very prestigious award they have recently received from Walt Disney World.

These outstanding students were recently named as the Disney Dreamer and Doer from their respective schools. This is awarded to one child per school in Osceola as well as surrounding counties. Those selected for this award are then submitted to Disney for their review. After careful consideration, 1 student from elementary, middle, and high school in each county are chosen to be the Disney Shining Star. These students receive a statue, certificate, and annual passes for them and their immediate family to Disney. Students selected to be recipients of this award must demonstrate extraordinary accomplishments. Here is some information about this years Disney Shining Stars for Osceola County:

Juliet Cahow was just a freshman at The Osceola County School for the Arts when she was diagnosed with depression. She used that as a driving force to create Positiviti, a group dedicated to creating a safe space on campus for students to discuss topics such as positive body image and bullying. She is recognized for her extreme courage.

Gabriella Dali-Rivera is a middle school student of the Florida Cyber Charter Academy. She studies music, dance and visual arts. Gabriella then takes what she has learned and goes out to less fortunate children in her neighborhood and teaches them, so they may have a chance to develop a love for the arts as well.

Olivia Siegal attends elementary school at First United Methodist. Although she is little, her compassion is mighty. Olivia spends her free time tending to her ailing family members. She enjoys keeping them company and letting them know she is there for them. During last years bad storm season, she also assembled food packages for those who were without. That experience inspired Olivia so much that she plans to one day open her own food pantry to help those in need in her community.

These astounding young people have worked hard to make a positive difference in Osceola County. Congratulations to each of them.