Today, the market has DIY or “do-it-yourself” creations for just about everything conceivable. Some of these offerings are aimed at people who want to handle legal matters without the benefit of advice from an attorney. While DIY legal products tend to be attractive to those seeking to save money on their divorce, they can end up costing the purchaser dearly in the long run.

DIY Products are Limited
Do-it-Yourself legal planning services are usually designed to address a limited and uncomplicated number of circumstances. However, when it comes to divorce, cases are as unique as the people involved and tend to have more complex issues than those contemplated by a DIY product. People have various conditions, assets, and family relationships which make it essential that each case be prepared and managed according to what is best for the individual. For example, when a couple with children is divorcing, there are ordinarily numerous factors which will be taken into consideration as their parenting plan is created. A basic “DIY Divorce” is not designed to help a parent consider all of the implications of agreeing to these vital plan terms. Additionally, when couples have complicated financial holdings which need to be equitably divided, a DIY plan is not ordinarily going to be equipped to address all of the aspects of their marital property.

DIY Products are General
While many DIY divorce products may claim they cover all issues pertaining to your divorce and Florida law, you are taking a huge risk by relying on such assurances. Divorce law is complicated, and each state has its own particular rules. It can be difficult to discern if your chosen product will fully address everything which the law and the local circuit court require. Accordingly, relying on a kit rather than the advice of an attorney could mean failing to address these mandatory conditions. When these vital steps are not taken it is almost certainly going to be detrimental to you and your case.

Proceeding without Counsel can be Perilous
Using a DIY product for your divorce means that you have chosen to file pleadings and take other legal actions without the benefit of counsel. An important consideration is that your former partner could be represented by an attorney who knows the law and how to prepare and present their case. This will leave you at a marked disadvantage when it comes to negotiating and demonstrating critical aspects of your divorce.

DIYs Cannot Replace an Attorney’s Advice
While do-it-yourself products may address the surface of the legal issues in a divorce, most divorce actions have more aspects than these products were designed to reach. To adequately understand your options and protect your interest, it is essential that you consult with a divorce attorney.

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