Early in March Dr. Debra P. Pace, Superintendent of the Osceola School District was honored, celebrated, and extremely surprised as she received the Positive Community Leader Award from Positively Osceola‘s CEO, Keith Ronan and Charlie Draper with Draper Law Office.

If you have ever spoken to Dr. Pace, you instantly realize that she wants the absolute best for the students, teachers and support the school district in Osceola County. Her goals as Superintendent are to build relationships, raise expectations, and provide strong leadership to ensure that the school system functions effectively as a critical element for not only student success, but also for economic development, quality of life, and community pride in Osceola County.

Dr. Pace assumed the position of Superintendent of the Osceola School District in March 2016. As a lifelong resident and student, parent, teacher, and former principal in the Osceola School District, Dr. Pace, brought to the position both pride and passion to lead the school district from good to great!

“It is my privilege to be here today with Keith Ronan from Positively Osceola as we recognize Dr. Pace as a Positive Community Leader. We are so thankful for her. The school district, students, teachers, and the community have benefited by her presence.”

– Charlie Draper, Draper Law

Dr. Pace has an extensive background in both instructional and operational leadership, as she served as Principal for Poinciana and Harmony High Schools and as Deputy Superintendent for Secondary in the Osceola School District from 2003 to 2011. She has held the position of Associate Superintendent for Human Resources Services Division for Brevard Public Schools since 2011.

“When Charlie Draper and I were discussing who the next recipient of the Positive Community Leader Award should be, it was clear to us both. The leader in our community that impacts, and inspires more students, teachers and members of the community is Dr. Debra Pace, Superintendent of the School District of Osceola County.”

-Keith Ronan, Positively Osceola

Her successful career includes fostering academic achievement within diverse cultures; developing high-quality programs that directly impact student performance; staffing and professional development of instructional and non-instructional employees in direct support of students; and allocating resources to meet the needs of schools and the district. Dr. Pace earned her bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language-International Trade from Auburn University, and both a master’s degree in English Education and a Doctorate of Education from the University of Central Florida.

“I am honored and very, very grateful but it does take a team and I have a tremendous team, not only in this room but also with the school board members and we have a fantastic team with community partners like Positively Osceola and Draper Law!”

– Dr. Debra P. Pace, Superintendent of the Osceola School District

Positively Osceola and Charlie Draper would like to thank Dr. Debra P. Pace for her dedication, passion, inspiration, and leadership of the school district, board members, teachers, students, and community. You are truly making a positive difference in Osceola County!

We join Dr. Pace and the school district in saying, Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day!